Hanneke de Jager

With her brand, Hanneke de Jager wants to conquer the hearts of children with a smile, to amaze them and make them happy with special illustrations.

These hand-drawn illustrations came into being behind the drawing table, creating an authentic, sensitive but also powerful drawing style. Using all kinds of waste materials for the colours and textures of her illustrations and designs is what distinguishes Hanneke from other brands.

The illustrations show old clothes, plastic caps of bottles, match sticks, buttons, stray bits of wool and any other reusable items giving them an opportunity of a unique second life. The playfulness and the surprising element of this technique, including its typical character, will always give a child the thrill of discovering something new. The drawings seem to leap off the background and come alive. The ambiance is fresh, colourful and sunny, making every child a happy one. These are all mix-and-match products, allowing the "Hanneke de Jager" brand to offer a total concept in collaboration with her partners.Behind my drawing table in front of the attic window, I can completely loose myself in the beautiful and extraordinary World of illustration.

Although extremely labour intensive, it is very inspiring to draw everything by hand, cut out and glue all the little figures, and create a very unique world in this way. I want to express wonder, happiness and a smile in the work that I create and am so passionate about. This comes straight from my heart and I do so enjoy it!

Hanneke de Jager, visual artist an illustrator

For more information, visit: www.hannekedejager.com or phone: +31 (0)628126900